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Make A Professional Discord Server!

First of all, we would love to wish you all happy and healthy 2020! We would like to thank to all of your support in the past year no matter if financial or just you being around for free accounts. You all create the most awesome community around and we hope to see many of you still for a really long time!

C-Gen is an account generating service that allows users to generate an extensive range of accounts, with a simple Commands . The bot and its features have been created to enable users for a smooth, fast, and secure experience, making the life of the user almost effortless.

The journey has started already back in late of 2017 when we decided to Make a bot just for fun to play around with one simple goal: To create a friendly discord server and a strong connection in between of members and staff members.

Those days, C-Gen (Arab Union) has a large helpful usersbase supervised by kind staff team who are always there for you.

We hope you are all excited for the upcoming projects as we are! We will do our best to bring something new and super cool really soon! There is a few projects that got abandoned due the Christmas break, so something definitely to look forward to!

Why C-Gen ?

C-Gen's primary focus is Quality; this is why we are consistently are updating our generator's database, ensuring all accounts are in working order; along with updates to the bot to further improve and include new and advanced features into our service.

How it can help my server ?

C-Gen will give your server's members access to generate account that will make it pretty active server without making giveaways or invite-reward or even spending money. This service provides accounts that are shared among other users of the platform. Which may reduce account quality since the nature of the account is shared among other users, thats why you should change the password immediatly.

Is C-Gen completely legal ?

Yes it is! So many people are falsely claiming that our service is illegal or against some type of EULA or TOS, which is simply not true All of our accounts are provided by the specified accounts owners, bought at the original game site or bought from resellers. Dont believe what people falsely claim to make C-Gen look bad.

Which shop you talking about ?

The Server of C-Gen is not Like any Bot's Server, its Store lets say Marketplace, You can buy Seller Rank and access the shop channel, or buy your own channel.

Find products to sell online, work out a strategy for selling, buy cheap Seller Rank, Sell through your own store(channel), a marketplace like Amazon and social media but in discord, Attract customers and turn The members into buyers


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